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Refrigerated Truck Boxes

Refrigerated Truck Boxes
(Chillers & Freezers / Dry Boxes)

The vehicle bodies are manufactured in sizes of up to 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. “OGT” can provide truck bodies using only 6 panels, one for each side of the body. All the corners and edges of the vehicle body are protected using specially extruded aluminum profiles and insulated body is designed to hold temperatures ranging from +15°C to -40°C.

Features include:

• Low Repair Costs

• Light Weight

• Low “K” Value Factor

• Rigid Heavy-Duty GRP Flooring

• Seamless & No Joints

• Choice of Truck Bed Flooring Finishes

• Wide Range of Accessories

Insulated Dry Bodies:

We offer isothermal bodyworks in the region with Dry Freight Insulated Box Truck Bodies – walls, floor and ceiling to provide superior heat transfer protection. Manufactured to customer specifications and chassis dimensions, these are ideal for the transportation of non-perishables and protection of cargo from temperature extremes.

Refrigerated Semi Trailer:

• Maximum Insulation – Insulated panels are manufactured to international standards to ensure maximum insulation

• Choice of Panel Finishes – Standard Plastisol, Food Safe Coated Material, (PVC) Coated GI and GRP

• Choice of Truck Bed Flooring Finishes – Eco-friendly polyurea, aluminium t-profiles, fiberglass and stainless steel

• Wide Range of Accessories –Meat Hanging Systems, Temperature Partitions, Rail Holding Straps and Movable Partitions.

• Better Fuel Efficiency – Unique construction technique of reefer trailer profiles gives it an aerodynamic shape

• On-going Service –After-sales service provided for our refrigerated units and truck bodies

• Large Skilled Workforce – To meet urgent requirements and deliver jobs of any scale on time.

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